Friday, December 12, 2008

DePaul Univeristy Advocates Sexual and Physical Abuse of Muslim Women and Children
Dr. Aminah B. McCloud Religious Studies Office: 2327 N. Racine Ave, #104Office Phone: 773/325-1290 DePaul University Office Hours: By Appointment
In 1996 Dr. McCloud organized a Legal Clinic in order to educate court officials on such areas of Islamic law as it relates to Discrimination, Civil Law, and Human rights in regards to court issues relating to Muslim defendants. Dr. McCloud wants to stress to the court officials the Islamic view of when it is appropriate for a man to sexually or physically abuse his spouse for disobeying him, She also wants the courts to understand there are instances in Islam that it is appropriate to physically assault a Muslim child for refusing to pray.

In 1996 Depaul University sponsored and supported this conference. In addition CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper was briefed and requested to support this type training. Dr. McCloud wanted the courts to have a separate set of laws (Islamic/Sharia) for crimes committed by Muslims, and they should not be charged/judged under the same standards as a non Muslim. The reasoning and justification McCloud used was certain types of sexual abuse and physical assault is justified under Sharia Law and the U.S. courts should take this into consideration.

Dr. McCloud is simply an advocator and supporter of the same ideologies of Islamic Jihadists. Who will suffer if Dr. McCloud and CAIR supporters are authorized to implement these laws into our system. Children will suffer, women who do not agree with Sharia Law will suffer, and most importantly our country will suffer.

It is my opinion Depaul University should apologize and Dr. McCloud should be fired for advocating physical and sexual assaults against Muslim ladies and children. She owes the children an apology. I did contact Dr. McClouds office on 12 Dec 2008, but received no response. Sharia Law is being introduced into our Universities. Our young students are being brainwashed. Dr. McCloud and her supporters should be charged with advocating violence against innocent Muslim women and children.
Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Governor Rob Blagojevich

Again the media and politicians (including) ILLINOIS President Elect Obama seemed surprised Governor Blagojevevich is in my opinion a criminal. The allegation is Blagojevich was attempting to sell the Illinois Senate seat vacated by Obama. My question to the public:
Is there any political office that is not sold? Every local, state, or federal elected job is sold to the highest bidder. The politician and their supporters who can generate the most funds is routinely the one who gets the prize. For readers who do not believe this I challenge them to run for the next Senate election with only $10.00. Ok, lets go with $100,000 and you have the best economical, foreign, and national security plan than any has ever had. You will not get past your local blog with a run for a Senate seat with $100,000, the prettiest of smiles and a sound plan for our country. Come up with a few million and you may be announced the winner. You can buy an elected job with millions, but not pennies.
Blagojevich is a criminal, but only because he vocalized what other elected officials do behind the scenes. Quietly receive your donations from Saudi Arabia and keep it quiet; you could end up the President of the United States! Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season is upon us. Islamic scholars such as Siraj Wahhaj have informed Muslims to not celebrate this season and to not even associate with a family member who observes Christmas. We have liberals by the thousands and political 'ass kissers' who are trying to prevent our children from observing Christmas as we (our country) has done for over 200 years.

These same liberals and 'ass kissers' are attempting to take the sweet dreams of Santa Claus and the joys that go along with Christmas away from our children.

Our children want to be happy, they want to believe in Santa, they want to have peace in their lives, they want everyone of all religions and races to be happy. They do not want wars.

I believe I speak for millions of Americans when I say if you take away the dreams of our children, the American people will become unhappy. The heart of our nation is our children. While in Iraq several Jihadists stressed this to me. My words to them at that time is the same as now---don't cross the line by harming our children or you will come to terms of Americanism. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Why no Islamic Jihadists attacks in U.S. since 2001?

1. Islamic Scholars, leaders, and their supporters are spreading Islam and more importantly pieces of Sharia Law at an alarming rate in the U.S.
2. We as a nation are becoming defenseless against being labeled an Islamophobist, racist, and bigot if one dares question such groups as CAIR, ISNA, or MSA. CAIR Executives have hired outside attorneys who have informed them to "discredit the source" if an allegation is made against them. These organizations immediately pounce upon the person or group and label him/her a bigot. This has a 'snowball' affect. The media then 'blacklist' the person, politicians distance themselves, and then members of the public receive no information about the 'truth' pertaining to the issue the person labeled a 'bigot' by CAIR and their supporters was attempting to bring forward. (Never ever believe the folklore about Muslims not lying) Muslims as Jews, and as Christians do lie). One only read the Manifesto of Islam and the works of Maududi (JI founder/Terrorist) to understand the use of the pen and tongue are forms of Jihad against their enemy. the ultimate objective of Islamic Jihadists and their supporters is one Ummah (nation)under Shariah Law.
3. Peaceful mosques throughout the U.S. are being overtaken by Saudi and Pakistani backed Muslim groups such as the Wahhabi sect.

Overall the Islamic Jihadists are moving into the U.S. at an alarming rate. They are achieving their goals. They have instilled fear into our law enforcement, politicians, and journalists. No officer, politician, or journalist wants to be labeled a racist.

What the Islamic Jihadists did not count on our people like Daniel Pipes, David Yerushalmi, Steve Emerson, myself, and a host of Americans who will support our efforts. We do not mind the name calling, nor are we scared of the lawsuits these pseudo Islamic groups file. This is why they will be defeated in America. One by one the CAIRs of America will be exposed for their hypocrisy. We do it for our children. I pledge to all children of all races and religions that some politicians and journalists will bow down to the Shariah demands, but the American citizens will not. Politics can be played only as long as the security of our children and the American way of life is not jeopardized. When their security is jeopardized the American people will take America back. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Trial of O.J. Simpson and Islamic Jihadists

I am no fan of O.J. Simpson, but neither am I a fan of Islamic Jihadists who are allowed to roam free throughout America. The media are overjoyed with the O.J. verdict today. This could be several days of high ratings and gives the journalists (I say this laughingly) a mission in life! The judge pretends to be protecting society from the violent O.J.

O.J. deserves to be in jail, but for the murders 14 years ago, not for the made for TV prosecution of 'kidnapping and robbery'. During my many years of working in and with law enforcement, there were times an incident like O.J.'s 'hotel setup' would have never been responded to by police.

If the judge and the media want to protect society from violent people, they need only begin prosecuting the Islamic Jihadists advocating violence everyday and in every city throughout America. In this short piece I will only use two examples. Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Ahmad Sakr. They advocate through their pre-2001 lectures, violence against non Muslims and Muslims who do not adhere to Islamic Law (Shariah Law). Wahhaj and the other Islamic scholars like him who support their ideology use the U.S. Constitution and the ignorance of our justice system leaders to advocate this violent ideology each day. I have spoke to many law enforcement officers, politicians, and journalists (again laughingly) who dismiss old videos, tapes, and books by Islamic Jihadists. They often remark these are covered by the First Amendment, or although violent they are several years old.

The Wahhajs throughout America laugh at our ignorance. Why should Siraj Wahhaj stand before hundreds or thousands of Muslims today (or tomorrow) and call for violence against innocent people? He and the other scholars know even the most ignorant of us would call for him to be prosecuted. Instead Wahhaj and other Islamic Jihad supporters distribute their old "violent" lectures in the form of books, videos, and DVDs. Again why would Wahhaj risk his liberty by making violent anti U.S. statements today, when he can make a few bucks off old lectures, and get the same message across to the Islamic Jihadists today and tomorrow? Prior to 2001, Wahhaj said in one of his lectures, "gang members are brave and strong, get them off the streets and give them Islam; then give them Uzis and send them back to the streets". Ahmad Sakr still today distributes one of his old lectures given to children (Islamic Shariah for the Youth). Sakr tells children the leaders of the U.S. Government will go to hell, do not follow the U.S. Constitution, follow Shariah Law or "you will go to hell like the Congressmen".

"God save our beautiful country, because our 'intellectuals' can't". Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Muslim Peace Foundation (CAIR)

New Organization being organized by same people, same theme, and same ideology...of course a Politician (Larry Shaw) is again involved:
227 Massachusetts Ave , SE, Washington DC, 20003 (Does this exist?)

President: Nihad Awad (CAIR National)
Vice-President: Larry Shaw
Note: From Larry Shaw is a long-standing member of the North Carolina Senate General Assembly and a former member of the North Carolina House of Representatives General Assembly. He also serves as the chairman of the Transportation Committee and vice-chairman of the Finance Committee.
Prior to becoming a public official, Shaw gathered extensive business experience in the food service industry. Since 1974, he has served as the chairman and CEO of the Shaw Food Service Company. From 1988 to 1993, Shaw was the Chairman/Co-Founder of North South Meatpackers, a facility that processed meat for national and regional clients.
In September of 2003, the five-term legislator was elected as vice-chairman of the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus of the state's general assembly.
Treasurer: Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR National)
Secretary: Sarwat Hussain (CAIR/San Antonio)

Is Khalil Igbal involved (ADAMS Center and former CAIR Executive)??
Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Monday, December 1, 2008

Senator Craig and Senator Gorton 'Slam' CAIR's I. Hooper

The following are letters between Islamic organizations such as CAIR, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Islamic Scholars, Senator Larry E. Craig, and Senator Slade Gorton. One need only review the hypocritical demands by CAIR's Ibraham Hooper, the ADC's Hussein Ibish, and Mr. Jeff Siddiqui. Hooper and Siddiqui demand Senators Craig and Gorton 'punish' Mr. James George Jatras (foreign policy analyst) because they opine he made 'bigoted' political remarks pertaining to Islam, and therefore should not be allowed to remain in the role of a U.S. Government employee involved in policy decisions.
The reader will then see a letter written by the ADC condemning our Government for firing of Joseph Zogby (Arab-American) because he had expressed his political views of Palestine and Israel (guess which one Zogby supports).

CAIR and the ADC must realize that they can't have it both ways in regards to political expression. On one hand they demand punitive action if a non Muslim expresses a political view (based on fact) negative of Islamic beliefs, but then demand a Muslim should be allowed to express anti-U.S. political remarks, and further the Muslim in question (Zogby) should be allowed to influence U.S. foreign policy. Read the below letters from Hooper, ADC, and Jeff Siddiqui. Then review the letters they received from Senator Craig and Senator Gorton.

Essentially Craig and Gorton inform Hooper that he is a hypocrite, ill informed, and himself a bigot. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

For Immediate Release
April 22, 1999
Contact: Hussein Ibish
(202) 438-7297
ADC Condemns Attack on Arab-American State Department Staffer
The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is appalled and outraged at demands
by the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) that the State Department purge one of its staff
members because of'his ethnicity and political views. ZOA President Morton Klein has demanded that Assistant Secretary of State for Near East and South Asian Affairs, Martin Indyk, remove one of his staff assistants, Joseph Zogby. Zogby, an Arab-American, has expressed sympathy for Palestinian human rights and criticism of Israeli policies which deny these rights.
The ZOA claims that these views should "disqualify him from serving on the staff of U.S.
government officials, involved in shaping America's Mideast policies."
The ZOA and its apologists are engaged in an undisguised attack on a government employee
based on his political views, which they have shamelessly distorted with cut-of-context
quotations, and his ethnicity. It is an open effort to silence all voices that might deviate from the
"Israel-can-do-no-wrong" dogma, and to exclude any Arab-American input into U.S. policy
making on the Middle East, which is heavily dominated by pro-Israel figures.
The ZOA has a long history of using McCarthyite tactics to advance its extremist pro-Israel
agenda. ZOA led the 1998 campaign to block the hiring of the distinguished Holocaust scholar
John Roth as director of research at the Holocaust Memorial Museum because he had expressed
sympathy for Palestinian human rights. ZOA's successful attempt to bully the Smithsonian
Institution into excluding any hint of criticism of Israeli policies from its "Israel at 50" program,
was aptly described by Anthony Lewis in the New York Times as "Jewish McCarthyism." ZOA
President Klein has condemned Mike Wallace, Thomas Friedman, Strobe Talbot, Martin Indyk
and Pete Seeger, to. mention but a few, as "anti-Israel."
It is now clearly up to the State Department to launch a clear, unequivocal and public
endorsement of Joseph Zogby's right to his political opinions. Arab-Americans have been
systematically excluded from input into U.S. Middle East policy. As a result, this policy has for
too long been one-sided and ineffective.
ADC demands that Arab-Americans be included in the U.S. policy making process on Mideast
affairs, both for the sake of fairness and in the interest of developing a more constructive, evenhanded and effective policy. We also insist that the government take steps to ensure that its staff will not be subjected to witch-hunts on the basis of their political beliefs.
(Note to editors: ADC is the largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the country, It is a non-sectarian, non-partisan service organization dedicated ID protecting the Civil rights of Americans of Arab descent and combating anti-Arab racism, discrimination and stereotyping.)
4201 Connecticut Avenue. NW., - Suite 3OO• Washington D,C.20008 • Tel: (202) 244-2990
Fax: (202) 244--3196 • E-mail: adc©

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful CAIR
Council on American-Islamic Relations
1050 17th Street, NW., Suite 490
Washington, D.C. 20036
Tel: 202-659-CAIR (2247)
Fax: 202-659-2254
Page: 202-490-5653
June 14, 1999
Mr. Jim Nicholson
Republican National Committee
310 1SI Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Via Fax: 202-863-8774
Dear Mr. Nicholson:
I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. As you may know, there has been a recent controversy about deeply offensive Islamophobic statements made by James George Jatras, a foreign policy analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee. (See attached Washington Post article.) In an undated article called "The Muslim Advance and American Collaboration" published online by The Christian Activist, a James George Jatras wrote: " ... Islam is a self-evident outgrowth not of the Old and New Covenants but of the darkness of heathen Araby." He also referred to the "pseudo-Prophet" Muhammad. (A version of the article first appeared in the February issue of Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.)
The same article refers to "Islam's fraudulent self-depiction as a pacific creed" and claims "Islam has been unthinkable without its mandate for violence, war, terror ... " Jatras writes: "Islam was born in violence." He adds: "I will leave it to the specialists to calculate which - Islam or communism - can claim the greater achievement as gigantic Christian-killing machines ... "
Jatras also referred to what he claims is the Islamic concept of heaven by saying: " ... it is beyond me what spiritual values any Christian has in common with someone whose idea of beatific bliss is boinking an endless parade of the well-rounded houris said to inhabit the Muslim paradise ..."
Concerning the building of a Muslim school in Northern Virginia, he wrote: "The importation of Shari'a [Islamic law] into a once-Christian commonwealth seemingly registered not at all in evangelical minds blissfully unaware of Islamic aims."
He also wrote: " ... in light of the growing volume of Muslim immigration, western Christians will soon find out... that confronting the Islamic advance has become ... a simple matter of physical survival." The article contains many other lslamophobic statements too numerous to mention. For example, Mr. Jatras writes of "business executives who would sell their grandmothers to Abdul Abulbul Amir (presumably a derogatory term for Arab Muslims) for oil drilling rights."
(See In a response to Muslim concerns, Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman Sen. Larry E. Craig failed to acknowledge the offensive nature of Jatras's remarks and instead defended his right to examine "complex questions of history and international events that are legitimate subjects for study and commentary. "
CAIR respectfully requests that you, as Chairman of the Republican National Committee:
1) Acknowledge the deeply offensive nature of Mr. Jatras's Islamophobic statements.
2) Take appropriate action to ensure that a person with such views does not have a hand in formulating American foreign policy.
Only these steps will help convince the American Muslim community that the Republican Party
represents all Americans, regardless of faith or national origin.
Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this important matter.
Sincerely, Ibrahim Hooper
National Communications Director
Cc: Sen. Larry E. Craig,
Sen. Trent Lott

Jul 02 99 Jef'f' Siddiqui
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Senator Slade Gorton
To: U.S. Senate
730 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 205 I0-470 I
Dear Senator Gorton,
Thank you for your letter of June 17th in which you declined to do anything about George Jatras
of the Senate Republican Policy Committee and his statements against Muslims and Islam.
Let us be clear about one thing that we both agree on; I will personally defend Jatra's right to say what he likes, where he likes and how he likes. My complaint is that you have such a bigot on a Senate committee, on your payroll, who is helping formulate policy for the Senate of the United
States and thereby, for the United States itself.
Would you have someone on a Senate Public Policy committee who says, "the N----- should go
back to Africa instead of endangering us Americans"?
Would you object if Jatras had said, "The Jews are a danger to the fabric of American society"?
Would you do anything if he had said, "There are too many Hispanics in the U.S., they are a
danger to us"?
I believe you would at least try to get him as far away from a policy-making area as you could. If
I am mistaken then you should re-examine your views. Perhaps removing Jatras from his
position could be construed as punishing him for his opinions. But you have, as a Senator,
objected to people holding public office because of the views they expressed in their past. At
those times, your logic was that you did not want such a person representing the people of the
United States. Why would you not apply the same principle now?
As Muslims, we suffer because it is fashionable for people to take swipes at us. It is even
politically advantageous in some cases. We are however, citizens of the United States. As such,
we deserve the same recognition, respect and protection that you would advance to your better
known supporters.
I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Sincerely, Jeff Siddiqui
Cc: Seattle Times

Reply from Senator Larry E. Craig
June 9, 1999
Mr. Ibrahim Hooper
Council on American-Islamic Relations
1050 17th Street., N.W. Suite 490
Washington, DC 20036
Dear Mr. Hooper:
Thank you for your letter of June 8 with reference to the statements of Mr. James George Jatras, a policy analyst for the Republican Policy Committee.
As Mr. Jatras stated in the article you cited, "The Muslim Advance and American
Collaboration," the views expressed in it are his own and do not represent any Senate member or office. As chairman of the Policy Committee, I am conscious of the extent to which the
exchange of opinions and ideas - at times opinions and ideas that some might find disagreeable -
is an important part of the workings of free society. I encourage both you and Mr. Jatras, as well
as other members of the Committee staff and the American Muslim community, to continue to
engage vigorously in that exchange.
At the same time, I absolutely condemn any sort of bigotry or intolerance. I note that Mr. Jatras
nowhere suggests, nor does your letter accuse him of suggesting, hostility against any individual
or group of individuals. Rather, his writings examine, based upon freely available sources,
complex questions of history and international events that are legitimate subjects for study and
commentary. If CAIR or other organizations or persons disagree with his opinions, it seems to
me that the appropriate remedy is to state the reasons and the evidence for your disagreement in the forum of public debate or directly to him.
I note in passing that CAIR has itself been criticized for defending accused perpetrators of
terrorist actions in the United States by Islamic militants
. ["Hamas Goes to Foggy Bottom," New
York Post, 9/15/98] Without a detailed knowledge of the basis of these charges, I am unable to
comment on their accuracy and I think you will agree it would be unfair of me to do so. In the
same manner, to take the action you request in your letter would not constitute the censuring of
bigotry, but its practice.
In your letter, you suggest that Mr. Jatras' opinions disqualify him for assisting in the formulation of U.S. policy. Our foreign policy is based not on religion, culture, or creed, but on the national security and economic interests of all Americans, including the American Muslim community. I trust you do not mean to suggest that my opposition to the Clinton Administration's policies in "the Balkans, notably in Kosovo, and that of many of my colleagues is based on any other consideration.
In closing, let me reiterate that I will not tolerate bigotry, nor will any other Senate Republican -
but we will always encourage the free exchange of ideas. I welcome your participation, as an
important American community, in those discussions and the development of our national
Larry E. Craig
United States Senator

June 17, 1999
Mr. Jeff Siddiqui
3107 206th Pl. SW
Lynnwood, Washington 98036-782G
Dear Mr. Siddiqui:
Thank you for contacting me about the writings of James George Jatras. I appreciate hearing
from you. The statements you quoted certainly appear uninformed and offensive. While I may not agree with the opinions of many who work on Capitol Hill, I recognize their right to express them under the First Amendment. I'm sorry that I am unable to assist you in this matter.
Again, thank you for writing.
United States Senator

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Below is the Masjid (Mosque) Census Study form currently being sponsored by CAIR, ISNA, MANA, etc... Interns/volunteers are routinely paid $10.00 per each one they conduct. Some have reported to me the 'Mosque Study" is a joke at best. Many of the Imams or leaders at mosque do not want to speak with CAIR. Many give only partial information, and the interns rush through them because they do not take them seriously. For instance in the last few months CAIR has conducted only a handful. When the mosque study is released there is little doubt it will be called a success by CAIR, MANA, and ISNA. Many Imams are very critical of CAIR. The mosque study is in my opinion just another fraud by these organizations.

U.S. Masjid Census 2008
Code: _____
CAIR, ISNA, Imam W. Deen Mohammed (Mosque Cares), Imam Siraj Wahhaj (MANA) and many other Muslim leaders and organizations are sponsoring a census of all Masjids in America. The ultimate purpose of this historic study is to generate accurate figures on the American Muslim community. This questionnaire can be completed by the leader of your masjid, a staff member or any well-informed member. Your answers are totally confidential. This census form can be completed online at using the code number on the top of this page. You can also fill out the survey and mail it to CAIR, 627 New Jersey, Washington, DC 12345.

Name of your masjid _____________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________ City __________________ State _____ Zip _____

Your name____________________________ Position at masjid___________Phone __________

In what year was your masjid organization founded? (Please estimate if you are not sure) ______________________

At a typical Jum’ah Prayer, what is the total attendance—including men, women and children? _____________________

Of the total attendance at Jum’ah Prayer, how many are
a. Men ________ b. Women ________ c. Children ________

What is the language or languages used for the main message of the Jum’ah Khutbah? (Mark more than one if necessary)
1 English
2 Arabic
3 Urdu
4 Other _____________________

What is the ethnic breakdown of the regular participants in your masjid activities such as Jum’ah Prayer and Sunday activities? (Give percentages for each; make sure the percentages equal 100%)
1 South Asian (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Afghani) ________
2 African American ________
3 Arab ________
4 African (sub-Saharan) ________
5 Albanian ________
6 Bosnian ________
7 Caribbean ________
8 Hispanic/Latino ________
9 Southeast Asian (Malaysian, Indonesian, Philippine) ________
10 Turkish ________
11 White American ________
12 Other ____________________ ________
13 Other ____________________ ________

TOTAL 100%
Over…Questionnaire continues on the back
Approximately how many Muslims are associated in any way with the religious life of your masjid? Please include adults and children, as well as both regular and irregular participants. ________________________

Was your present masjid
1 Built by the Muslim community
2 Purchased
3 Rented
4 A room or musallah provided by a university or business
5 Other (please explain) ___________________________

For the daily salah, do women make salah behind a curtain, partition or in another room?
1 Yes 2 No

Is the Imam of the masjid
1 Full-time paid
2 Part-time paid
3 Volunteer
4 Temporary/interim
5 Don’t have an Imam

How many paid staff positions do you have in your masjid—counting your Imam but not counting the staff of your full-time Islamic school, if you have one?
How many full-time paid ________
How many part-time paid ________

On your governing board, do you have any
Young adults (18-30) 1 Yes 2 No
Women 1 Yes 2 No

During the past 12 months, has your masjid participated in or sponsored any of the following programs or activities?
Interfaith program or activity 1 Yes 2 No
Open house for the public to visit the masjid 1 Yes 2 No
Voter registration 1 Yes 2 No
Politician or political candidate speaking at the masjid 1 Yes 2 No
Youth group 1 Yes 2 No
Women’s group 1 Yes 2 No

13. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

Strongly Somewhat Somewhat Strongly Neutral
Agree Agree Disagree Disagree Not sure
a. Muslims should participate in
the political process 1 2 3 4 5

b. Muslims should be involved in community
projects that help Muslims and non-Muslims 1 2 3 4 5

14. Do you consider your masjid Sunni or Shi’ite.
1 Sunni 2 Shi’ite 3 Other __________________

Islamic Jihadists from Pakistan send Materials to U.S.

Islamic Jihadists from Paksitan and their supporters distribute their materials throughout America everyday. The materials explain their ideology to Muslims in America. Many Imams and Islamic scholars then distribute the Jihadists books to their worshippers. Why is this allowed? Ask our President, ask our CIA, ask the FBI, ask our Congressmen and Senators. Many Muslims who would otherwise practice their religion without the violent aspects of Sharia Law, are being encouraged by Jihadists from Pakistan to commit violence against non Muslims and Muslims who do not agree with them.

During the last 4 years I have visited hundreds of Islamic centers and collected thousands of books, DVDs, and audio tapes advocating terrorism in America. I have included a copy of a sampling in this blog.

If Americans want to be the victims of Islamic Jihadists attacks, simply continue allowing the material into our country. Your children will at some time or another in the near future become their victims. It is time Americans demand the Jihadists materials not be allowed in our country. Otherwise do not be surprised when they attack our beautiful country again. respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Does CAIR send 'Spies' To Homeland Security meetings ?

The following are notes taken by an alleged 'CAIR SPY' who attended the meeting below. A former CAIR Associate provided the documents because they do not want 'secret operations' being conducted against the U.S. Government in order to influence future laws. The following are their (CAIR) notes of the meeting. Do they respect Lieberman? You need to determine from their notes if CAIR intends to "recruit" Senator Collins and Senator Voinovich (Refer to CAIR's remarks at the end of the notes). This report is similar to ones we would conduct (while I was a Federal Agent) on our enemies and people who supported them. We would have people infiltrate the particular group, and then write a report. Subsequently the report was sent to our analysts, then operations began from these. What type operation does CAIR have in the works??? Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

"Senate Committee Hearing
Department of Homeland Security
Dirksen, SD-342, 9:30 a.m
"The Roots of Violent Islamist Extremism and Effort to Counter It"
Committee Members
Senate Chair, Senator Joseph Lieberman
Ranking Member, Senator Susan Collins
Senator George Voinovich
Panel 1
Maajid Nanaz is the Director of the Quillam Foundation.
His testimony focused on defining Islamists and Islamic political ideology. He stated that the
individuals who become Islamists a share common goal of establishing Sh'ariah Law globally.
Individuals who do not share this belief are seen by Islamists as un-Islamic. Individuals who do
choose the radical path all share this ideology but have also experienced personal grievances.
He referenced several personal grievances he experienced during his youth in England and how
he was able to avoid the extremist path. He stated that individuals who did experience
grievances, such as discrimination, violent acts, and racism, are more susceptible to being
recruited into the extremist path. He argued that Islamists are able to reframe the personal
grievances experienced by recruits to gain support for the Islamists political ideology. In the case of England, he also found that much of the youth that turned toward the extremist path were confused as to how they fit into the western culture. Many of them are confused on how to define themselves, "Muslim" or "English," and how they can continue to remain modern without giving up their Muslim religion or identity. Therefore individuals who do experience an identity crisis look towards individuals who can provide them with guidance and advice during their time of confusion. Many may look towards religious leaders, but many of those leaders, at least for the case of England, tend to share the Islamists ideology. This is because these individuals are often
trained in areas such as Pakistan where this ideology is prevalent and preached in "Islamic"
schools. Also he notes that many of the Imans in England are not able to clearly communicate or
relate to the younger generation. Therefore individuals who are experiencing an identity crisis do not have proper guidance or mentors who can assist them. When asked how he was able to
avoid taking the extremist path, he stated that it was because he how good mentors. He also
agreed with Baran's statement that non-violent Islamists organizations can become radical
Dr. Peter Mandaville is an Associate Professor of Government and Politics at George
Mason University
He agreed with Mr. Nanaz's testimony. Dr. Mandaville used the situation of the Muslim
population in England to explain the path the individuals take to embrace radical views and join
radical organizations. He went on to point out the younger generation of Muslims in England view their parent's practices of Islam as un-modern and therefore try to adopt a view of Islam for the modern world. He also stated that Muslims in America are less likely to adopt or pursue radical ideals because there is less fractionalization as compared to European Muslims. This is because the U.S. does a better job of helping immigrants integrate into society because Americans are more welcoming and open to different cultures and backgrounds. He does warn that if we can not give Muslims the perception that they are being singled out, but instead that they have an active voice in the role their government and country plays in the world. If we fail to do this, then we are in danger of replicating the situation in England. He went on to include key factors that contribute to the radicalization of an individuals views. He did not agree with Baran's statement that organizations, such as CAIR, should not be engaged in the political process and had ties to Islamist organizations and other radicals.
Zeyno Baran is a Senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.
Baran's testimony opened with discussing the religion of Islam does not cause individuals to
adopt radical views. She went on to state that Islam is compatible with the west. She agreed
with Mr. Nanaz that it is the political ideology and the belief that one must adopt Sh'ariah law.
Her testimony mostly consisted of expressing concern over how many of the organizations, such
as ISNA and CAIR, which exist in America, share the Islamists' ideology. She claimed and
warned that CAIR in particular had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahri (HT). She argued that CAIR masks itself as a Civil Rights Advocacy group but actually has its own political
agenda to establish the ideology that the above radical groups share. She stated that non-violent
Islamist organizations like CAIR are likely to become radicallslamist organizations. Mr. Nanaz
agreed with this statement, but did not mention CAIR in particular. When asked which
organizations she suggests the government should work with, she was unable to name specific
organizations. She even stated that the Civil Rights cases that CAIR does take on involve
individuals who share the Islamist ideology. She warned against CAIR's recent involvement with the FBI in providing an educational workshop for its agents. She mentioned that many
government officials, including past presidents, have worked with organizations such as CAIR.
She stated that the government should not align itself with CAIR but should seek alternative
organizations that do not have a political agenda and are not tied to Islamist radicals. She did
mention vaguely about women's organizations but again did not give specific names of any
organization. She later retracted some of her statements about CAIR by stating that it was not
the individuals that work at CAIR who share the Islamist ideology but the leadership that started the organization and continues to oversee it. Other panel members were skeptical about her claims against CAIR. Senator Voinovich made a point to tell Ms. Baran that he does not share her views concerning CAIR. He stated that he has worked closely with CAIR's Ohio chapter and had a very positive experience with the organization. Senator Lieberman seemed very interested in Ms. Baran's statements about CAIR and seemed to put more weight on her statements against the group compared to the rest of the panel. Senator Collins did ask questions about continuing relations with organizations, such as CAIR. She seemed somewhat concerned about Ms. Baran's statements, but more open and cautious then Senator Lieberman.
Dr. Fathali Moghaddan is a Professor of Psychology at Georgetown University.
His testimony emphasized that although ideology is a necessary condition for radical behavior, it
is not a sufficient condition. He stated that it is necessary to realize and take into account
different experiences that can lead one to choose a radical path. He noted such experiences
such as economic deprivation and political instability can have an effect on an individual's
decision making process. He stated that at present American Muslims are not as susceptible to
adopting radical behavior given that their situation differs from their European counterparts.
American Muslims are generally more educated, financially better off, and more integrated in
society than European Muslims. He also noted that the distance between America and radical
hotspots, such as in Pakistan also plays an important role in lessening the likelihood of an
American Muslims to embrace radical ideology. He did state that although this does paint a
positive picture concerning American Muslims and their probability of adopting radical ideology,
we still need to continue efforts in maintaining and preventing adopting of these ideals in the
future. He noted that it is important to include women in the process of countering terrorism. He believes women playa central role in countering terrorism and therefore we should help in
improving their rights.
Panel 2
Michael Leiter is the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)
He went of the basic structure of his organization. He was asked several questions concerning
the points brought up in the previous panel. He stressed the importance of including all
organizations in the process of countering terrorism, regardless of their beliefs or goals. He
stated that it is unrealistic to think that you can only work with organizations that share the same beliefs of the U.S. government. He also stated that NCTC is in the process of establishing new partners with non-government offices and Muslims in the U.S. He also made a point to state that it is unfair to target Islam as the enemy. Terrorism is committed by individuals who are of
different religious backgrounds and therefore the counterterrorism tactics need to be applicable to all types of terror.
Notes by CAIR:
Senator Joseph Lieberman
I believe that he made up his mind before he came to the hearing and was happy to hear criticism on Muslim organizations from Ms. Basam.
Senator Sue Collins
Struck by comments from Ms. Basam but is definitely more open than Senator Lieberman. I think it would be good to try to establish some type of relationship with her.
Senator George Vinovich
He was very surprised by Ms. Basam's comments and was ready to defend CAIR. I think we
should definitely work with him in the future. He seems very interested in educating himself more about the issue at hand and would be a great ally to have, especially on the Republican side".

Friday, November 28, 2008

Islamic Terrorism (The truth Americans are not told)

The terrorist events in India are tragic, but not unexpected. An issue that needs to be clarified to the American public is that often the media, so called counter-terrorism experts, and politicians, intentionally and unintentionally confuse the public about Islamic terrorist groups.

A key indicator when the media, CT experts, and politicians are either lying to you or are simply ignorant is when they begin rattling off names of Islamic terrorist groups who may or may not be behind an attack such as in India. People need to begin focusing on the violent aspects/ideology of Islam instead of names of groups who come and go. Every Isalmic 'Jihadist' has the same ideology and support of terror against non Muslims and Muslims who do not share their belief of the institution of Sharia Law. The Islamic Jihadists support terrorism by the tongue (verbal support), pen (written support), and through the hand (physical Jihad).

One can understand who supports Islamic terrorists by listening and watching the words/actions of such terror supporters here in America such as numerous Imams, Islamic scholars, and/or Islamic groups hiding behind the veil of our U.S. Constitution. To the Islamic Jihadists and their supporters there is only 'One Islam', 'One God', and 'One Ummah' (Nation). There is no respect, caring, or unity of others who do not conform to their ideology. The simplest way to sum up the ideology of Islamic Jihadists is with President Bush's famous quote, "either your with us or you are against us". If you are against the exact ideology of Islamic Jihadists, you can and will likely become one of their victims. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

A Common Denominator

Question: What do Daniel Pipes, Michael Savage, Steve Emerson, John Loftus, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Dave Gaubatz and others have in common?

Answer: CAIR has and will continue to use intimidation, harassment, name calling, law suits, and likely more to stop them from bringing forth the truth about "pseudo" Islamic organizations such as theirs who are organized under non profit guidelines to help the Muslim people, yet behind the scenes they are as many have said, "hijacking" their religion. CAIR, MANA, MSA, ISNA, and others promote hatred and violence against non Muslims and even Muslims who do not hold their same violent ideology.

What can you do? Continue supporting them.

Why? Because they know what is happening in India can happen any day in America. They have the talent to obtain intelligence on these groups and work with law enforcement to hopefully prevent such attacks. America has the best law enforcement and military, but they are not currently trained properly to understand the mindset of people with an ideology like Imam Siraj Wahhaj (MANA and Imam in Brooklyn, NY). 99.9% of LE and military would not recognize his name, yet Siraj is one of the most extreme advocator of violence and likely the most dangerous man in America. Respectfully, Dave G...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4R Children of All Races, Cultures, and Religions

If you are not willing to sacrifice your time and your life 4R children, then you are against the values of an American.
If you are attempting to change the American way of life by turning our country into a socialist, communist, or a country governed by Sharia Law, you and your organizations will be exposed.
This picture is what my work is all about. Children of all races, cultures, and religions do not start wars and are always the victims of war.

This is a photograph of a Christian American child, and on each side are Muslim Iraqi children. They live in America and it is our obligation as adult Americans to make it a safe place for them.
Organizations such as CAIR, MSA, MANA, ISNA, and a host of others boast about representing the Muslim people in America. They are frauds and will one by one be exposed. Muslims in America need an organization that will truly represent them and not victimize them. The organization should be void of political motives. Victimize the Muslim people who want to live in America, be American, and love our country, and it is my promise I will spend everyday tracking your every move. Ask CAIR Executives for verification. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

Friday, November 14, 2008

4 America

Conducting first-hand counter-terrorism research to prevent another terrorist attack in America.