Sunday, November 30, 2008

Islamic Jihadists from Pakistan send Materials to U.S.

Islamic Jihadists from Paksitan and their supporters distribute their materials throughout America everyday. The materials explain their ideology to Muslims in America. Many Imams and Islamic scholars then distribute the Jihadists books to their worshippers. Why is this allowed? Ask our President, ask our CIA, ask the FBI, ask our Congressmen and Senators. Many Muslims who would otherwise practice their religion without the violent aspects of Sharia Law, are being encouraged by Jihadists from Pakistan to commit violence against non Muslims and Muslims who do not agree with them.

During the last 4 years I have visited hundreds of Islamic centers and collected thousands of books, DVDs, and audio tapes advocating terrorism in America. I have included a copy of a sampling in this blog.

If Americans want to be the victims of Islamic Jihadists attacks, simply continue allowing the material into our country. Your children will at some time or another in the near future become their victims. It is time Americans demand the Jihadists materials not be allowed in our country. Otherwise do not be surprised when they attack our beautiful country again. respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

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