Friday, November 28, 2008

Islamic Terrorism (The truth Americans are not told)

The terrorist events in India are tragic, but not unexpected. An issue that needs to be clarified to the American public is that often the media, so called counter-terrorism experts, and politicians, intentionally and unintentionally confuse the public about Islamic terrorist groups.

A key indicator when the media, CT experts, and politicians are either lying to you or are simply ignorant is when they begin rattling off names of Islamic terrorist groups who may or may not be behind an attack such as in India. People need to begin focusing on the violent aspects/ideology of Islam instead of names of groups who come and go. Every Isalmic 'Jihadist' has the same ideology and support of terror against non Muslims and Muslims who do not share their belief of the institution of Sharia Law. The Islamic Jihadists support terrorism by the tongue (verbal support), pen (written support), and through the hand (physical Jihad).

One can understand who supports Islamic terrorists by listening and watching the words/actions of such terror supporters here in America such as numerous Imams, Islamic scholars, and/or Islamic groups hiding behind the veil of our U.S. Constitution. To the Islamic Jihadists and their supporters there is only 'One Islam', 'One God', and 'One Ummah' (Nation). There is no respect, caring, or unity of others who do not conform to their ideology. The simplest way to sum up the ideology of Islamic Jihadists is with President Bush's famous quote, "either your with us or you are against us". If you are against the exact ideology of Islamic Jihadists, you can and will likely become one of their victims. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz