Friday, November 28, 2008

A Common Denominator

Question: What do Daniel Pipes, Michael Savage, Steve Emerson, John Loftus, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Dave Gaubatz and others have in common?

Answer: CAIR has and will continue to use intimidation, harassment, name calling, law suits, and likely more to stop them from bringing forth the truth about "pseudo" Islamic organizations such as theirs who are organized under non profit guidelines to help the Muslim people, yet behind the scenes they are as many have said, "hijacking" their religion. CAIR, MANA, MSA, ISNA, and others promote hatred and violence against non Muslims and even Muslims who do not hold their same violent ideology.

What can you do? Continue supporting them.

Why? Because they know what is happening in India can happen any day in America. They have the talent to obtain intelligence on these groups and work with law enforcement to hopefully prevent such attacks. America has the best law enforcement and military, but they are not currently trained properly to understand the mindset of people with an ideology like Imam Siraj Wahhaj (MANA and Imam in Brooklyn, NY). 99.9% of LE and military would not recognize his name, yet Siraj is one of the most extreme advocator of violence and likely the most dangerous man in America. Respectfully, Dave G...

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