Tuesday, November 25, 2008

4R Children of All Races, Cultures, and Religions

If you are not willing to sacrifice your time and your life 4R children, then you are against the values of an American.
If you are attempting to change the American way of life by turning our country into a socialist, communist, or a country governed by Sharia Law, you and your organizations will be exposed.
This picture is what my work is all about. Children of all races, cultures, and religions do not start wars and are always the victims of war.

This is a photograph of a Christian American child, and on each side are Muslim Iraqi children. They live in America and it is our obligation as adult Americans to make it a safe place for them.
Organizations such as CAIR, MSA, MANA, ISNA, and a host of others boast about representing the Muslim people in America. They are frauds and will one by one be exposed. Muslims in America need an organization that will truly represent them and not victimize them. The organization should be void of political motives. Victimize the Muslim people who want to live in America, be American, and love our country, and it is my promise I will spend everyday tracking your every move. Ask CAIR Executives for verification. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz