Saturday, December 6, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season is upon us. Islamic scholars such as Siraj Wahhaj have informed Muslims to not celebrate this season and to not even associate with a family member who observes Christmas. We have liberals by the thousands and political 'ass kissers' who are trying to prevent our children from observing Christmas as we (our country) has done for over 200 years.

These same liberals and 'ass kissers' are attempting to take the sweet dreams of Santa Claus and the joys that go along with Christmas away from our children.

Our children want to be happy, they want to believe in Santa, they want to have peace in their lives, they want everyone of all religions and races to be happy. They do not want wars.

I believe I speak for millions of Americans when I say if you take away the dreams of our children, the American people will become unhappy. The heart of our nation is our children. While in Iraq several Jihadists stressed this to me. My words to them at that time is the same as now---don't cross the line by harming our children or you will come to terms of Americanism. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

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