Friday, December 5, 2008

The Trial of O.J. Simpson and Islamic Jihadists

I am no fan of O.J. Simpson, but neither am I a fan of Islamic Jihadists who are allowed to roam free throughout America. The media are overjoyed with the O.J. verdict today. This could be several days of high ratings and gives the journalists (I say this laughingly) a mission in life! The judge pretends to be protecting society from the violent O.J.

O.J. deserves to be in jail, but for the murders 14 years ago, not for the made for TV prosecution of 'kidnapping and robbery'. During my many years of working in and with law enforcement, there were times an incident like O.J.'s 'hotel setup' would have never been responded to by police.

If the judge and the media want to protect society from violent people, they need only begin prosecuting the Islamic Jihadists advocating violence everyday and in every city throughout America. In this short piece I will only use two examples. Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Ahmad Sakr. They advocate through their pre-2001 lectures, violence against non Muslims and Muslims who do not adhere to Islamic Law (Shariah Law). Wahhaj and the other Islamic scholars like him who support their ideology use the U.S. Constitution and the ignorance of our justice system leaders to advocate this violent ideology each day. I have spoke to many law enforcement officers, politicians, and journalists (again laughingly) who dismiss old videos, tapes, and books by Islamic Jihadists. They often remark these are covered by the First Amendment, or although violent they are several years old.

The Wahhajs throughout America laugh at our ignorance. Why should Siraj Wahhaj stand before hundreds or thousands of Muslims today (or tomorrow) and call for violence against innocent people? He and the other scholars know even the most ignorant of us would call for him to be prosecuted. Instead Wahhaj and other Islamic Jihad supporters distribute their old "violent" lectures in the form of books, videos, and DVDs. Again why would Wahhaj risk his liberty by making violent anti U.S. statements today, when he can make a few bucks off old lectures, and get the same message across to the Islamic Jihadists today and tomorrow? Prior to 2001, Wahhaj said in one of his lectures, "gang members are brave and strong, get them off the streets and give them Islam; then give them Uzis and send them back to the streets". Ahmad Sakr still today distributes one of his old lectures given to children (Islamic Shariah for the Youth). Sakr tells children the leaders of the U.S. Government will go to hell, do not follow the U.S. Constitution, follow Shariah Law or "you will go to hell like the Congressmen".

"God save our beautiful country, because our 'intellectuals' can't". Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

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