Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why no Islamic Jihadists attacks in U.S. since 2001?

1. Islamic Scholars, leaders, and their supporters are spreading Islam and more importantly pieces of Sharia Law at an alarming rate in the U.S.
2. We as a nation are becoming defenseless against being labeled an Islamophobist, racist, and bigot if one dares question such groups as CAIR, ISNA, or MSA. CAIR Executives have hired outside attorneys who have informed them to "discredit the source" if an allegation is made against them. These organizations immediately pounce upon the person or group and label him/her a bigot. This has a 'snowball' affect. The media then 'blacklist' the person, politicians distance themselves, and then members of the public receive no information about the 'truth' pertaining to the issue the person labeled a 'bigot' by CAIR and their supporters was attempting to bring forward. (Never ever believe the folklore about Muslims not lying) Muslims as Jews, and as Christians do lie). One only read the Manifesto of Islam and the works of Maududi (JI founder/Terrorist) to understand the use of the pen and tongue are forms of Jihad against their enemy. the ultimate objective of Islamic Jihadists and their supporters is one Ummah (nation)under Shariah Law.
3. Peaceful mosques throughout the U.S. are being overtaken by Saudi and Pakistani backed Muslim groups such as the Wahhabi sect.

Overall the Islamic Jihadists are moving into the U.S. at an alarming rate. They are achieving their goals. They have instilled fear into our law enforcement, politicians, and journalists. No officer, politician, or journalist wants to be labeled a racist.

What the Islamic Jihadists did not count on our people like Daniel Pipes, David Yerushalmi, Steve Emerson, myself, and a host of Americans who will support our efforts. We do not mind the name calling, nor are we scared of the lawsuits these pseudo Islamic groups file. This is why they will be defeated in America. One by one the CAIRs of America will be exposed for their hypocrisy. We do it for our children. I pledge to all children of all races and religions that some politicians and journalists will bow down to the Shariah demands, but the American citizens will not. Politics can be played only as long as the security of our children and the American way of life is not jeopardized. When their security is jeopardized the American people will take America back. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

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